Larry Fink on the essence of his photography

“I have one thing I keep on stressing, and have all my life. There’s no such thing as a good picture made of something which you haven’t experienced. If you just go out to make a picture just for the sake of making a picture, [that’s] all fine and dandy. But more than likely, the only reason that a picture lives in its own breath is because you yourself have been gasping in front of something which astounded you in some silent way, or subtle way, or bombastic way. Something that has taken your gut out, turned it around, and mixed it up. And you go: How can I? Is it possible? The question you arrive at, when you photograph—Is it possible?— and of course it’s not possible to translate what’s in your mind, through a camera. That’s why we work: to make it possible.”

Larry Fink at the Look3 Festival of the Photograph